About the captain

The Captain

0541cbdaa694cef339d52b93fadd8d30Hi, My name is John Fearnow. After a 3 year search, I found the catamaran of my dreams. The plan was to live on the boat, become the captain, and kite surf as much as possible, while living in the Caribbean. I started a charter business, but after more then two months, and over 2000 miles, decided to come home due to a family emergency. After having two captains quit on me, I was forced to be “the captain”. Lucky for me, my crew had enough passage knowledge to help me get home.


As of February 2015, things are looking up, and Heaven will be moving back to St. John in November.

  I grew up on the Magothy river as a child, and moved to the Severn in my 20’s. After getting married, I moved to Eastern Bay, and lived in a community called Southwind for 20 years. 0506cfe2324f3c4bbe0e9153895bb576


I started kite boarding in 2009, and the sport still controls much of my life. As with most boats, they cost a lot of money. That is why I am chartering in the Chesapeake. Heaven still needs a lot of electronics in order to go back out to sea……which she will be doing in the near future.