Annapolis Boat Shows


Annapolis Boat Shows


Solo passage crossing the Chesapeake Bay

IMG_1076 IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1098 IMG_1112 This year we were lucky enough to charter Heaven for both of the Annapolis boat shows.

The first charter, for the Annapolis Sailboat Show, was a real nail biter, as I could not find a mooring and was forced to drop the hook in the South Anchorage. After my dragging incident in Shaw Bay, I was quite nervous about the holding. The weather fx called for 20 knot winds, but the anchor held. I was excited, not to hear from the guests. The Annapolis Boat Shows, create a high demand for hotel rooms and private rentals.

I was much more lucky during the powerboat show. I managed to snag the last mooring, right in the Annapolis Harbor. And yes, once again, heavy wind was in the forecast. This time it was much easier to sleep at night. On the last day, when it came time to pick up the boat, I made the poor decision to do it solo. It was windy, and pulling off the mooring ball was quite a challenge.