Another happy bareboat charter on the Chesapeake!

The bareboat charter on the Chesapeake bay is cruising right along. Who would have thought there would be a demand for charter in the bay? My crew and I work really hard to provide a boat that is clean and up to date with the latest amenities and electronics. We also have someone on call, the entire time the catamaran is out. Last week we had a charter and here is an email we received from another happy charter.

Hey John:

Kim and I both feel grateful that Heaven is in charter, and our friends and family (one or two of whom had not ever been on a sailboat) were ecstatic over their brief time aboard.

14 13 10 12 17 Heaven Margaritas

I know you have the various legs in the chart plotter but here’s a breakdown of our trip:

Base to Annapolis – 2 hours sailing/motor sailing
Annapolis back to Base – 2 hours sailing
Base to St. Michaels – 3hrs20mins motor sailing with no widn
St. Michaels to Magothy (behind Gibson Island) – 5 hours motoring (1/2 hour from mouth of Magothy to the anchorage)
Magothy to Baltimore Inner Harbor – 3hrs30mins motoring with no wind
Baltimore Inner Harbor East Marina to Base – 4hrs15mins motoring with the wind

Hope these numbers are helpful, and we’ll be in touch if something happens for end of October, otherwise please let us know if she’ll be in charter again next year.

Take care,

Todd and Kim

Again, it was truly our pleasure to be aboard Heaven. She preformed so nicely and we could tell she is cared for with tender loving care.

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