Great time on Shaw Bay

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Well, it was only the 2nd time Kat and I had spent the night on Heaven, since my trip back from Martinique. Shaw Bay and the Eastport Oyster Boys seemed like a good mix. Never mind that there were thunderstorms and high wind in the FX. I was determined to get her out on the boat, in my never ending attempts to get her to like the boat.

As I had hoped, it was a blast. The EOB’s played great music from a large boat, that was surrounded by dinghies. Beautiful mild weather, mixed with rum/tonics and a steak on the grill. I was in Heaven. …….until the wind came.

Just after dark, the wind picked up, joined with lightning, thunder and rain. Within minutes, it was apparent we were dragging anchor. The bad news was, that there was boat behind us and the one in front was dragging too. Long story short, and a lot of crying, from Kat, we were able to lock in for the night.

The next morning all was forgiven and we had a beautiful sail home. And yes, normally we make a beeline home, but not today. We stopped about 2 miles short, dropped anchor and found a really nice secluded sandy beach. Even after several hours, it was hard to get going. Neither one of us wanted the day to end.



Lots and lots of dinghies crowded around the band, bunched up like little kids.



Not sure what kind of boat, but real nice. Morgan?

Kat doing some fishing the next day.







Perfect wind for the ride home.